Tips to Consider Before Buying Kali Mata Marble Statues

Tips to Consider Before Buying Kali Mata Marble Statues

Posted on 16/09/2021

Kali Mata also known as The Supreme Shakti and Supreme Mother of the Universe, is worshipped with the greatest devotion in the Hindu religion. Her appearance is of a destroyer of evil forces. She is spiritual with a multi-dimensional appearance. The name Kali means the force of time or Kala. When there was neither sun nor moon, the creation, the earth and the planets, there was only darkness and everything that was created was because of darkness. She is not only considered as nurture but also as a protector. Kali maa is devoted as the Goddess of Strength. Kali in the form of a female is portrayed with naked, black, blue skin along with a Bengali type crown that is gilded. She is similar to several Hindu deities, multiple armed figures. Moreover, each of her arms grips a dagger, cup, Chakra, whip, bell, sword, trident, drum, lotus bud, nose and shield. She is seen as a divine protector and also the one who bestows liberation or moksha. Also portrayed dancing or standing on her consort, Shiva who lies prostrate and calm beneath her. On the festival of Navratri, admirers worship all the nine avatars of Maa Durga. Worshipping goddess Kali brings progress, prosperity, and happiness to your life.

 The exporters manufacture a wide range of Kali Mata Marble Statues and various forms of Magazines Kali murti, Dakshina Kali statue, Bhadrakali statue, black Kali statue, black marble Kali statue in various designs. Goddess Kali Mata is worshipped and honoured all over the globe for celebrating Kali puja. Most of the manufacturers use material of high-quality marble stone for plotting these marble Kali idols in observation of defined standards. The statues are the perfect indication of purity. Most of the statues are made with black marble and are widely used to place at offices, temples and homes. These Kali Mata Marble Statues are very attractive and beautiful in appearance and can also be formed as per the requirements of the clients. These statues are available in different designs and sizes to meet the requirements of the customers.


Few tips to consider while Buying Kali Mata Marble Statues online

1.) First thing to consider while buying Kali Mata Marble Statues is the correct posture. You should select that posture which depends on your preferences. It is essential to choose the correct posture you want while buying the Kali Mata murti online. It also includes the design and colour of the murti. The murti should be comfortable in handling and decorative.

2.) Buy Kali Mata Marble Statue online by keeping in mind the correct material such as Marble resin with long-lasting and durable colours. Usage Of right material is essential as good material will make the statue long lasting. You are required to make a note of the type of material used to make the statue. As specified by Vastu, each type of material such as copper, metal, wood, clay has its importance.

3.) Also look for the quality you want. The design and innovative state of the statue should meet customer's quality requirements. This feature also plays an important role while buying the Kali Mata marble statue online. The colour of murti such as white, black or multi-coloured is also essential. All the statues are manufactured by skilled labourers. The quality control is checked through in-process inspection of the murtis.

4.) The size, weight and dimensions of the murti should also be considered as per the requirements of the customers and the application of murti is also important such as home, office or temple. The size ranges from 1 to 10 feet.

5.) The most important thing to be kept in mind while buying the Kali Mata marble statue is its cost. The cost of the statue should be reasonable and should work for a longer time. The range of the Kali Mata Marble Statue mainly includes marble religious items, marble handicrafts, marble God statues, marble decoratives and many gift items along with a combination of all these.

Mentioned above are some of the tips that are important to note while buying the Durga Mata marble statue online.

Maa Kali indicates the power of time or Kala shakti. She is a sign of impermanence of all things because of which she wears a garland of skulls. Along with endless time, Kali is the limitless void, boundless space, seen by her dark blue colour. Kali holds the Vidyut Shakti, the electrical force or lighting of consciousness which is the Supreme power. She is associated with violence but is a symbol of motherly love. Kali embodies shakti- creativity, fertility, feminine energy and incarnation of Parvati. All other goddesses and the whole universe demonstrates her indomitable force. She is the inner power of yoga shakti or yoga. Yoga is exactly meant by the practice of mergence and the return to the godly source of existence.