Vastu Shastra tips for keeping Lord Ganesha at home

Vastu Shastra tips for keeping Lord Ganesha at home

Posted on 02/10/2021

In case you are meaning to carry huge energy and karma to your home, there could be nothing better compared to settling on a Ganpati symbol. As indicated by Hindu folklore, Lord Ganesha is viewed as an image of joy and happiness. He is otherwise called the defender of families and Ganesha pictures and icons are frequently kept close to the primary entryway, to shield the inhabitants from insidious energies. In any case, place the Ganesha symbol at the perfect spot, as indicated by Vastu Shastra.

Where to put Ganesha Murti at home?

As indicated by Vastu specialists, the west, the north and the north-east bearing, are the best places to keep Ganesh icons at home. Keep in mind, all Ganesha pictures should confront the north bearing, as it is accepted that Lord Shiva lives here. You can likewise keep the Ganesha murti at the fundamental entryway, looking inside. In case you are setting Ganesha pictures, it should confront the principle passageway of the home. Try not to put the Ganesha icon the south way. 

Stay away from these spots for keeping Ganesha Statue

 As indicated by Vastu specialists, you ought not keep the Ganesh murti in room, carport or clothing region. It ought not be set under flights of stairs or close to washrooms. Since the carport or vehicle leaving region is considered as an empty region, it is unfortunate to put any god in this piece of the home. Additionally, there are a ton of negative energies underneath flights of stairs which isn't appropriate for putting any Vastu thing.

 What shading Ganesha icon is useful for home?

 As indicated by Vastu Shastra, a white shading Ganesha symbol is the ideal decision for inhabitants who are looking for harmony and flourishing. You can likewise pick white Ganesha pictures. The individuals who are burning of self-development ought to settle on vermillion-hued Ganesh marble murti

Which kind of Ganesh Murti is useful for home?


In a perfect world, the Ganesha picture or symbol in lalitasana is viewed as awesome. This is otherwise called sitting Ganesha as it addresses a condition of quiet and harmony. Other than this, Ganesh photographs in leaning back positions are likewise thought to be exceptionally fortunate as it addresses extravagance, solace and riches.

Heading of trunk

According to Vastu, the storage compartment of the Ganesha icon ought to be shifted towards the left, as this addresses achievement and inspiration. It is accepted that a trunk shifted towards the right addresses a fussy mentality.

Modak and mouse

When purchasing a Ganpati photograph or icon for your home, ensure a modak and mouse are essential for the construction. This is on the grounds that the mouse is considered as His vehicle while the modak is viewed as His number one sweet. 

Meaning of Ganesh idols

A Ganesh murti is an image of amazing life which shows significance standards, for example,

·         Enormous head to prepare to stun the world.

·         Enormous ears to listen cautiously.

·         Little eyes to think.

·         Little mouth to talk less.

·         One tusk to hold just goodness.

·         A long trunk to remain versatile.

·         Enormous tummy to process great and awful. 

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