Marble Vs Granite: Which Stone Is Best For a God Statue

Marble Vs Granite: Which Stone Is Best For a God Statue

Posted on 13/10/2021

Modern sculptors now make statues and god idols with new materials such as plastic, artificial stones, etc, But those who are ancient sculptors still believe that these stones have a special place in the work of a sculptor.

Marble Statue Manufacturers believe that the use of stone like marble is an ideal way to make the idol of God complete the work of the sculptor. Some materials like marble, Blackstone, and granite stand the test of time better than others. Stone carvings often transcend the cultures that made and sculpt them, and many enjoy places of cultural or religious importance.

Whether ancient or modern, artists seek and use the best stone for their art. The best stone for sculpture is marble to work with, resists shattering and has no obvious crystal kind of structure, is simple and attractive.

But the real question is which stone is best for god statues? Marble or Granite.

If we compare these two stones then you will get confused because both are good for making statues, but still, there are some differences in both stones.


Sculptors mostly preferred marble to use other than any other stone because marble is easy to give shape and less breakable, that’s why most of the sculptors go with marble.

Marble stones come in many variants, vein patterns, and colors, such as the most commonly white, yellow, black, beige, green, and brown.

You will see various types of God statues being made in marble stone such as Marble Ram Darbar Statue, Marble Shiva God Statue, Marble Ganesh God Statue, Marble Iskcon Radha Krishna Statue, etc.

Marble is a famous stone that has been used for many years for the idols of God. All the sculptors who make idols of God believe that marble is the best, long-lasting and non-degradable stone.





Granite is an igneous stone with a variety of textures, composed of clearly visible crystals of various minerals. Heavy and tough to work with, granite stone forms a durable and strong base for sculpture that has been used by ancient sculptors for important religious, political, and funeral sculptures.

Natural colors of granite include grey, green, red, and black, which emphasize the darker colors. Ancient craftsmen used dark-colored granite to paint black figures, such as the Egyptian goddess of destruction, Sekhmet. Modern sculptors find that its gloomy color range is suitable for anything from heavy stone to funeral sculpture and gravestone carving.

Many sculptors don’t easily use these kinds of stones to make a god idol. Because of being heavy, no one buys it easily, it is often used for the facades (front) of buildings, for expensive kitchen worktops and gravestones. That’s why many sculptors use only marble to make idols of gods.

In The End

Now I think you have understood which stone is good for god statues. Almost 60 to 70% of people use marble or prefer marble statues for their home decorations, temples, and offices.

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