Why do we use Marbles in making Hindu God Statues?

Why do we use Marbles in making Hindu God Statues?

Posted on 23/09/2021

Statues are used in the Hindu religion to worship God. So the material should also have that quality that can represent and resemble the god. In general, marbles are used to make the statues of God in the Hindu religion.

In Hindu culture, marble statues are worshipped as reminders of God. For example every year, in Maharastra, Hindus bring marble statues of Lord Ganesha to their homes, and worship for a day or two, and immerse the statue in the sea. This shows how in Hinduism people are so attached even to a marble statue. Hindus do not worship the idols, Rather, they believe the statues and images to be physical representations of their God which help them focus on an aspect of meditation.

 Not only statues of the Hindu religion but marbles are widely used in buildings, monuments, and sculptures. Marble consists of calcite and a combination of these carbonate minerals. It is found in countries including Belgium, France, Great Britain, Spain, etc. The reason why it is used in making Hindu god statues is that it is highly appreciated for its beauty, strength, and resistance from fire and erosion. The ancient Romans and Greeks were used to use marbles in many buildings and statues. The durability of marble is also one of the big reasons why it is used in making statues. The marbles are also very highly polished which makes them ideal for decorative work. Also, they are not prone to weather. They can withstand the environment and prevent rusting. Also if we are making so prestigious statues of Hindu gods then there should be so many qualities in the material, because the statues are not a thing of desire or decoration it's a thing of people's emotions and feelings towards their gods. Although marble has all the qualities worth using it has some drawbacks too. Marbles are very rarely found and that's why they are expensive than other rocks. Also, they're very heavy which makes their transportation difficult. If we compare it with the bronze it has lower tensile strength and it's also vulnerable to wear and tears. So this is why we use marbles for making hindu religion god statues.

Hindu god's marble statue

Hindu god's marble statue is not a god in their religion but it's a shape or manifestation of a deity. It is like a symbolic icon. Hindu god's marbles statues are generally expensive as marble is rarer and very expensive rock. The reason why it's constantly used in making Hindu god statues is that marble allows the light to enter and due to this it creates a slowness around it.

There are many reasons why marble is an excellent stone for making Hindu god statues. It’s comparably softer, which means it is simple to create smooth shapes that would be very hard in tones like granite which are very hard. The marbles which are used most often for creating the Hindu god statues tend to be translucent, rather than opaque, so when it is fired, it seems to glow. It makes Hindu god marble statues look lifelike and soft, rather than hard and shiny. Certain quarries are very famous for the quality of the marble they are producing, like Carrerra marble from Italy. Other marble is darker and requires a high polish, which makes it known for architectural uses. It has the power of stone, but it is very simple to work upon than the other stones, so the decoration can be added which would be harder with other stones like granite.

 Why use marble stones for making statues of Hindu gods?

 There are only a few rocks on the earth that have been used in as many ways as marble stones. This semi-transparent rock allows the light to set foot in and produce a soft bright-like reflection which makes it the best stone for making statues and sculptures. Apart from making marble statues of different Gods, marble also is used in pharmaceuticals and it is also beneficial in agriculture. Marble is also very beneficial in cosmetics and paints areas. The high availability of marble and its low cost makes it to be widely used across all these areas.

 Due to numerous properties marble stone is very useful in many and diverse industries, the marble statue industry is being one of the most important ones. Mr. Sitaram Dixit is the founder of Dixit Art Sculpturals. He is a marble statue manufacturer in Jaipur. He told us why he always use marble stone for making statues of Hindu Gods over any other kind of stone. he said “The property of marble i.e of radiation the light, makes the statues of Gods bright whenever light falls on them. Also, the shine makes it unique from other stones. This creates a divine effect on the God statues.

 Ganesh Marble statue idol-:

 Lord Ganesha is considered as the God of happiness, joy, and prosperity, what we sometimes procrastinate or miss is the importance of placing our beloved god lord Ganesha's marble statue at the right spot at home. . Almost all of us usually keep Ganesha marble statue at home without knowing where and how to place the statue.

As beautiful as they might be, Ganesha idol's marble statues are the best restricted to one at a place. Vastu proposes to us that it is our personal choice, but it's advised better to have only one Ganpati marble statue. There’s a say that having two or more Ganesh marble statue idols upsets Ridhi Sidhi and can counteract their energy.